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Listings for future quarters are tentative and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the UW Time Schedule. For a listing of all courses potentially offered, see the Course Catalog.

Autumn 2017

Course Course Title (click for details) Instructor Meeting Time Location
HSTAA 110 A History Of American Citizenship John M. Findlay MTWTh 12:30-13:20 BAG 154
HSTAA 221 A Environmental History Of The U.S. Nathan E. Roberts T Th 09:30-11:20 AND 223
HSTAA 231 A Race And American History Moon-Ho Jung T Th 10:30-11:50 OTB 014
HSTAA 301 A Colonial North America Debbie McNally M W 11:30-13:20 RAI 121
HSTAA 465 A The Sixties In America: Kennedy To The Counterculture William Rorabaugh M W 12:30-14:20 MGH 231
HSTAM 111 A The Ancient World Joel Thomas Walker MTWTh 10:30-11:20 KNE 110
HSTAM 215 A Tudor England Charity Urbanski M W 13:30-15:20 SMI 102
HSTAM 235 A Myths And Mysteries Of The Middle Ages Robin Chapman Stacey T Th 08:30-10:20 SAV 260
HSTAS 202 A Introduction To South Asian History, 1500 - Present Purnima Dhavan M W 10:30-12:20 CDH 135
HSTAS 212 A History Of Korean Civilization Hwasook Nam T Th 11:30-13:20 HCK 132
HSTAS 327 A China And The West In Historical Perspective, 1500-1976 Matthew W. Mosca T Th 13:30-15:20 THO 202
HSTCMP 245 A Exploration And Empire: Science, Art, And Power, 1300-1800 Benjamin Schmidt M W 13:30-15:20 DEN 112
HSTCMP 259 A Race And Slavery Across The Americas Stephanie Smallwood T Th 14:30-16:20 SMI 102
HSTCMP 312 A Science In Civilization: Science In Modern Society Bruce Hevly MTWTh 08:30-09:20 SAV 264
HSTEU 234 A History Of Nazi Germany And The Holocaust Laurie Marhoefer M W 12:30-14:20 SAV 260
HSTEU 274 A European History And Film From The 1890's To The Present Jordanna Bailkin T Th 09:30-11:20 SMI 205
HSTEU 376 A Modern Irish History George Behlmer T Th 09:30-11:20 SMI 304
HSTEU 402 A The Reformation Mary O'Neil T Th 11:30-13:20 SMI 304
HSTEU 452 A Eastern Europe Since 1918 James Felak T Th 13:30-15:20 DEN 258
HSTLAC 185 A Race, Gender, And Class In Latin America And The Caribbean Ileana Rodriguez-Silva M W 13:30-15:20 BAG 154